Our History

SEC is a long-standing sustainability consulting firm established in 1995. For over 20 years SEC has worked consistently in the fields of corporate strategy, due diligence, supply chains, natural commodities, financial metrics and outsourced project management.

With the recruitment of four new directors in 2018 SEC is now expanding both its Due Diligence and Finance offering and the overall geographic scope of operations.

SEC is based in the United Kingdom but operates internationally mirroring the global projects, operations, supply chains and multi-national corporate clients’ footprints.

What we do

SEC operates in these key aspects of sustainability and project delivery:

  • Strategy
  • Pre-Finance
  • Project Development
  • ESG Due Diligence
  • Impact Management

The Due Diligence Division: Managing Risk and ESG

We improve outcomes by combining a deep understanding of the financial and corporate world’s ESG and risk management requirements with specific expertise on the ground. Leading to more sustainable choices and better outcomes.

Pre-Finance Division: Supporting Businesses to Raise the right Finance

Resourcing your project or operation at the right level requires a deep understanding of how finance evaluates and engages with ESG risk. SEC will support your idea mature and secure the finance it requires to maximise impact.

Strategy Division: Helping you find your way through the sustainability maze

Understanding how to move to sustainable operations, work within existing resources and create societal benefits needs careful thought. We help you build your vision of the future and work out a path to achievement.

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